January Prompt: Reflection

by Pat Phillips West


“Reflections” by Carolyn A. Martin

Think back to everything that happened over the course of this last year. What was the most exciting, saddest, happiest or surprising event you experienced?

Was there something that you wish would have happened, but didn’t? Something that did occur, but you wish hadn’t?

Choose one and see what bubbles up. As always, you or a character can be doing the reflecting. Shape your piece into prose, memoir, poetry or flash fiction.

This poem by Billy Collins might provide inspiration:


Remember the 1340s? We were doing a dance called the Catapult.
You always wore brown, the color craze of the decade,
and I was draped in one of those capes that were popular . . .

Read the complete poem here. And share your work with us in the comments.


Pat Phillips West moved so often even her closest friends asked if she was in the Witness Protection Program. She refused to comment, except to say she’s in Portland, OR, for now. Her poems appear or will appear in Imagination & Place: Weather, Persimmon Tree, VoiceCatcher6, Manzanita Writers Press, San Pedro River Review and elsewhere.

Photograph used with permission.