The Team

Our Leadership Team as of March 2016

Board of Directors
Tiah Lindner Raphael, President
Helen Sinoradzki, Secretary
Marie Hallquist, Treasurer
Jennifer Foreman, Events, Member at-Large
Michelle Fredette, Member at-Large
Christi R. Suzanne, Social Media, Member at-Large
Shawn Aveningo Sanders, Member at-Large

Editorial Teams

VoiceCatcher Journal

Summer 2016 Issue
Michelle Fredette, Managing Editor
Jennifer Kemnitz, Assistant Managing Editor
Sarah Fagan, Art Editor
Sara Bednark, Young Voices Editor
Emily Ransdell, Poetry Editor
Juleen Johnson, Poetry Editor
Sarah Brenner, Poetry Editor
Tanya Jarvik, Prose Editor
Nikki Schulak, Prose Editor
Desiree Wright, Prose Editor
Shawn Aveningo Sanders, Design Manager

Winter 2016 Issue
Shawn Aveningo, Design Manager
Sara Bednark, Young Voices Editor
Cathy Cain, Poetry Co-Editor
Thea Constantine, Prose Co-Editor
Sarah Fagan, Art Editor
Juleen Johnson, Poetry Co-Editor
Jennifer Kemnitz, Poetry Co-Editor
Tiah Lindner Raphael, Managing Editor
Helen Sinoradzki, Prose Co-Editor

Summer 2015 Issue
Shawn Aveningo, Design Manager
Kris Demien, Young Voices Editor
Jennifer Dorner, Poetry Co-Editor
Sarah Fagan, Art Editor
Pattie Palmer-Baker, Poetry Co-Editor
Tiah Lindner Raphael, Managing Editor
Claudia F. Savage, Poetry Co-Editor
Helen Sinoradzki, Prose Co-Editor
Cindy Stewart-Rinier, Poetry Co-Editor
Christi R. Suzanne, Prose Co-Editor

VoiceCatcher’s  Community Website
Position Open
Barbara E. Berger, Managing and Contributing Editor through December 2015

Outreach and Community Building
Ashley-Renée Cribbins, Graphic Design
Theresa Snyder, Marketing and Design

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  1. Hi Carolyn, It was wonderful meeting you tonight at the reading at Rain and Shine. I am Lily Body’s writing coach and so appreciated you coming up to meet me. The writers were all inspiring and engaging–everyone loved being there.Thank you so much for all you do. It’s organizations, journals, and literary magazines like yours that inspire brilliant writers like Lily. I’d love to keep you aware of how these brilliant writers are faring. If you private message me with your e-mail address, I won’t overload your mailbox–either personally or at Voice Catcher. Thanks! Sharee Chapman

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