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    • Submitting your articles to the community website. We look for content such as tips and how-tos on the writing craft, personal essays on the writing or artistic life, or profiles of local writers and artists published in our journal. Open to other ideas of interest to and that support local women writers and artists.
      • Please query first. Articles generally appear as 700-1,000 words. Longer articles can appear as installments in a series. Our style is based on the Associated Press Stylebook and plain language principles. Include only images that you have the rights to, are in the public domain, or are licensed for common use.
    • Submitting to one of our community website series, such as: Publication Resources and Successes, What’s On Your Bookshelf, or responses to Prompts.
    • Having VoiceCatcher publish an announcement. We announce readings, workshops, book launches or other events that VoiceCatchers – our organization’s and journal’s contributors, editors and volunteers – are offering the greater community. Include type of event, time, place and a website link for more information, with a brief description of the offering. Submit 3-4 weeks in advance of the event when possible.
    • VoiceCatcher does not pay for articles nor charge for announcements.
  • For volunteer opportunities and how to get involved with our VoiceCatcher community.
  • For questions about our past, present and future journal publishing efforts.
  • For information about our mentorship program.
  • For information regarding upcoming events or if you have a venue that would like to host a VoiceCatcher reading.

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8 thoughts on “Make Contact!

  1. It would be really helpful to have a way to print your submission guidelines from your web page. I cannot even copy and paste them into a document my computer can read and print either.
    Thank you,
    Jennifer Pratt-Walter

    • Hi Jennifer.

      We’ll look to add a print function to the page in the future as it would be a nice feature to have automated. In the meantime Carolyn was about to copy and paste from her computer and send them to you. Not sure why you couldn’t!

    • Thanks, Rita! Appreciate your comments so much. And reciprocal thanks for creating the site platform that allowed this work to continue.

    • So sorry; did not see your request in time to respond. I hope you were able to register, after all.
      In the future, please see this website’s contact page for how to directly ask for timely information. Thanks.

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